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With the proliferation of the internet, and the relative lack of sophistication with computers that many of us share, sex offenses related to computers and the internet have seen a significant increase.

Computers and the internet have become very dangerous places for users, and a common source of evidence and prosecutions by the government. Internet service providers are often bullied into giving up records of their customers, and law enforcement use search warrants to seize computers, servers, and hard drives. Websites visited on the internet can leave "cookies" or other traces of "evidence" on the user’s computer - even when a site is visited unintentionally or accidentally. Then, that information is stored in "hidden" places on the user’s hard drive, where it can never be altered and/or erased. In addition, law enforcement sets up internet "stings," where officers pose as underage teenagers seeking to lure or entrap chat room visitors to "meet" and engage in sexual activities. In either instance, the web of government prosecution goes well beyond those actually guilty of committing crimes, and reaches those citizens who are innocent of any real wrongdoing.

The lawyers at Kirsch & Satawa have extensive experience in handling internet pornography and internet related sex crime cases. When he was a prosecutor, Mark Satawa was an expert in prosecuting telecommunications/computer crimes, and he has successfully defended a great number of these cases as a defense attorney. We have the specialized training, experience, expertise, and access to the top computer experts across the country to allow us to research, investigate, prepare, and defend these allegations. We have successfully defended many individuals charged with internet pornography, child pornography, conspiracy to commit internet/computer crimes, and using the computer to facilitate or solicit a sex crime in state and federal court.

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